Be a real self-closer professional always, episode one.

The Art of self negotiation, the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) science apply to your self and your every day regular job and life activities will give to you the potential successful success.

by Sergio Romo (MBA branch)

Hi folks, this is my self presentacion: i m a professional MBA born in Mexico and more than 35yrs as professional expertise in my must succesful business area: as TI Software as Senior Programmer (my last but not les passion) and founder of two successful Mexico Companies of Software Manufacture, specialized in Ecommerce Custom Solutions to eCommerce Open Source Stores; as independent entrepreneur since my earliest years as student ( i had the vision and in dependency to gain several works (customers) as a teenager offering my partial time services as cash-flow supervisor for a bunch of small business owners into the most popular and concurrent market-places in Mexico, that activity gave to me my own money, then also the freedom to finance my University studies by my own, and take a substantial and gratify breakfast (also dinner) in the “VIPS Restaurant” every day of my scholar days (VIPS: the most medium class Restaurant Chain in Mexico city specialized in Popular Mexico Business Class Workers must placed around Pink Zone and Downtown Mexico City ).

As previous your first question should be: what it is possible ? who in it own deeply conscience are surfing (for a long time) in the “abstract” activity must orient to mathematicians, abstract mains etc.. in appearance out of my own are.. am i right?.. however wrong, and let me explain what are the real reasons and how you can take advantage if you change the way you think now and take the must better about my experiences to your own Advantage, because this is my main propose to share that own experience at this time of my life.

Some one “SABIO (brained man) “( i don’t remember who is) said : if you share some of your expertise of life not mater when, your transcendence in this life it was worth it.

maybe it is right. we will see.

But let me explain from the beginner why i decide to be an MBA before all them.

I came from a small enterprise family business where every day of your younger life you have to bread, eat, play and dream around that particular smell of dust and noice into car-suppllies store open to public, just like lot of young guys around this globe.. on it there is not exist the “relaxion time” after every day scholarship schedule, you have to spending every after-school activity since my early young years in the front of “mostrador (sales-desk into an store) ” breathing every Swed of aged employees my (blue workers) : mechanics cars fixed men. That kind of “irregular” experience (just my teenager part of life i have to traspass and toke the best part from that situation) was the CLUE to turn all my future into one project: to be a PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINSITRATOR of my Own Company.

And that is it: not mather or any circunstance during these process made me change my target: a BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR.

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