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I m hugh fan of Magento2 Code and advanced develper in Mojomexico since more than ten years until today.

My destress using and applying my CUSTOM Modules under my creation are real, because i have some Real Magento2 webstore installed and runing today .

I had develop under my humble opinion the MUST COMPLEX Custom Magento2 Module i had created before, and this is :

BANORTE PAYROL PAYMENT Custom Modules focus of Mexican Banks Gateway Integration ,

(I it important remark i was the first Author of Magento Bank in Mexico crator of that kind of Special Modules since Magento1 until Mage2 last one).

It is important to mention about that aseveration it is founded after my 14years experice in Ecommerce Programmer around anothers CMS ecommerce and 20years more than Unix/Linux Senior as Certified Senior Consultor (from USA) i had until today.

I will like to remark about that kind of Special Custom Module for Magento it is not equivalent of traditional paypal payment method, that mean it is more complicate because the hard request FOUR STEPS EXTERNAL GATEWAY VALIDATION of security

As a usual every Local Bank mark as espetial or mandatory acomplish before any positive autorization from credit card payment

Does you like to Check my Mage2 Website demo injected with that kind of samples ?

just take look inside my Mage2 webstore demo:

On it you will note another special Bootstrap Jquery actions included just as demostrate my strong skills as develop in Magento2

Please contact me by my Whatsapp button right-corner down here or use my revolutionary Ticket system i m avaible 24/7 to responde any dubt or project.

You can thrust me any fixed, new topic or solutions for Mage2 AWS Cloud installation, applying Repositories by github share account and any Process to Optimze and Organize your Magento2 professional web store.

I m Mojomexico with more than 10 years expertice just for Magento Custom Modules Develop and Direct Support of ERP Integrations in México.

Spanish notes: Puedes contratar mis servicios Independientes o como Consultora Profesional para atender tus nuevos desarrollos en Magento2 con aplicaciones sólo en México como es el caso de las Pasarelas Bancarias directas: banorte, bancomer, prosa, inbursa… ó cualquier APP (Aplicacion remota con integracion de servicios Api, Rest, GraphQL, Aouth, Xml, MS-Sql WinServer desde ERP, etc,)) , Poseo la capacidad y desarrollos actuales para integrar a Magento2 cualquier banco ya cuento con los programas actualizados para todos los niveles de seguridad que demanda cada banco.

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