Magento2 Senior Programmer English post

Magento2 Woocommerce Python, Unix, NodeJS

Magento2 Senior Programmer English post

febrero 9, 2024 magento2 programador-freelance 0
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Those are the SEVEN GRIAL where a Real Magento2 Programmer use at less to be succesful or die on the process! …let me be stright about that, if you ‘re realy looking to be porductive on this or you need some succesful programmer with real expertice on Magento2 integration, you must have to check this before take it services!

SRomo/ Mojomexico

seven commandments as seriousSenior Magento2 Dev. should at less handle with facility (demostrable):

  • First: shuld have excellence level on PHP Zendframework (for real), must specific using complex Objects and Class Integrations, it is not enough just using some call of regular functions or external calls.
  • Second: excellence level of JSKnockout
  • Thirt: excellence level of Zendframwork at must Simphony
  • Forth: excellence level at HTML5, CSS3-Functions as CLASS@OBJETS-CSS,
  • Fifth: strong of Bootstrap y Modal: Integration
  • Sixth: Composer Linux Commander strong use of SED, AWK, Grep, Shell scripts, does is it familiar ? I m a deeply fan of those topic in my first side my main activity was as top level of Unix /Linux Cloud Consultor.
  • Seventh APi JSon integracion using at less Soap and RestAPI Magento2 integratration

Obvius at the end depend what it is your final integration, maybe you are looking to handle all Magento2 with NodeJS APP CRUD? this is my MUST RECENT SPECILITY, i can handle APP-IO and Android Integration expoating Magento2 for ERP Integrations… and i can help u any time, just let me know.

FACTS NOT JUST “chuchoteurs” (check this

Follow this button to check my REAL Magento2 website with my Bootstrap , API Rest ERP integration an let me know what you think in the comments:


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