Petit et grand Lapin ALO, merci a toi pour t’on enseignement

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Petit et grand Lapin ALO, merci a toi pour t’on enseignement

febrero 13, 2024 Tales of Ultratumba 0
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Seulment des qu’ils q’on aimons le vrais “Francophonies” peux comprendrre l’escence de c’est mot: ….

petit Lapin…qu’an tu aviais descendrais du ciel… avec beacoup des parmilliers…”.

par SRomo/ Sergio Po

( This is one more horror-story means as fiction , never close of any one reality in Mexico, just adressing for the new Generations of University students today all around the globe, just for you own reflection and made and written entirely in foreign language just for my safe , and perhaps just a small bunch of real youth intelligent community can profit with wide vision :=)

What did it mean the Future in BUSINNES in Mexico of all future Professional entrepreneur ?

This is my own and particular experience as a Entrepreneur (small but honest) :

One day , in my early eighteens younger, even starting my first one day step in the Business Administration Class Room and comming from any relative family support i had yet created (one year ago) my first small independent Enterprise (just me as founder, Ceo and troup member) as i had consider it, all based on compliant and objetives as a admin-books testaments remark) , first as independent alone “accountant taker-books” from a bunch of small “comercios” central-markets-owners business, were every Saturday those small-patrons pay my time-service.

That Enterprise inspiration coming from my reality needs (for real) to pay my studies, every day feeds and why not my weekend Movies just as any young guy from my time have to do to the lake of “one good father” or backed financial cushion even for the lake of any relative or grand brother supply. Just was my reality on my time but not just only mine, even a bunch of other younger from my time.

Those small Entreprise every day (inclusive weekends) activity let me cover my monthly rent of a small Room inside the Mexico City core and needs lives for the next days, and so longe all the year.gave me the GLOBAL VISION of my real Business Future for the Next twenty years Business Mexico Entrepreneur but let me explain more about before next step:

Any sign or sniff about the computer systems on those time ? NEVER INDEED !

in underpass those early expertise and in projection of my successful future, under my deeply strong feel i had a Dream:

One day to be one Respectable Independent Computer Consultor as Mexico Enterprise, as similar or bit of Biggers USA , Europe, Asia other small Professionals like me or any respectable place, my constant though was: why in Mexico dont start and place at First Point at Technology Map my brand one day?

on those day many SMALL GARAGE BUSINNES had been starting cook, like Apple, Borland, other who Microsoft legelly (or ligally) disappear or absorbed, in fact i had that allmost near of that (…dreamers as younger healthy with honorably family have every day only).

That last Goal coming as sweet foam from the six years after my last day overpass on the POST-BAC class room (means Computer Science Post-Bac finished around six years after i hat started) , that with great success from the beginning and gave to me respectable Recognition for all the Computer Mexico Formal Business Net, also for some foreign others and a bunch of Strong Financial Support plenty of Foreign Investors.

My second great satisfaction as Business Young Entrepreneur during those times and my humble contribution of my Country making ” Patria ” giving eighty five JOBs for same Mexico Families covering all the time every month full Taxable obligations as “patron” and more personal benefice of some one who touch my commander

Those means: six year each time for my life each one with bright future …all them gained just Working Hard every day with honesty and integration, looking for the excellence in services and compliance of very respetable bunch of end customers all them Small and Regular Business Owners.

Maybe that kind of “view of professional” perception means one act of foolish or out main who only have the small mentalist from the Mediocrity , some one who don’t have any cloud how come start a new Business from cero just applying your intelligent and sagacity on that kind of entrepreneur think, that kind of intelligence meaby coming just for a bunch of small privilege class with extra-intelligent gaved from those UFOs acts under extraction facts– who knows we will see.

until that finished and comming … THE DARK EVIL TIME arraived and destroy every SMALL, PROFESSIONAL INDEPENDENT and PRINCIPES OF HONEST WORK around for the next twelve years , starting as the KINGDOM OF SALINAS ERA, every small familiar business gone: tools-sales services, small patrons groceries, small manufactures of shoes, in full country …any one who dont comulgue with the HOLLY GRIAL: Corruption.

Not one inside the must Prestigious University Mexican Academy teaching you until today the Reality Punish IF YOU DARE TO CROSSE the “Corruption Line”, the mandatory Bible never write but tatooes on every one who comulgue as ” the exclusive bload of some one privileged born.. and we are the only first class privilege human been, the others ones just means thirt class….” from salinas until peña nieto or any “saint-darkened” touched appellatives.

The worse coming after several fiews months when “the mediocre-means and stupidity ” born as a LEPRA: plaint the corruption as the MANDATORY and only way to stay and survive as Mexican Entrepreneur (as decent and legal activity means).

No mather any complex and univesristy studies I had made severily times around GHANTT PROYECTIONS as Financial Future Strategy or ANY kind of “Financial Guru” with lot of bounch of studies had made too many times, on those times: some of them just recomend this ” intent or change or reduce at minimum your Financial structure” to survive …just survive until the “bonasa” time comming again…(period)

And the worse was when every new intent to switch and “adapt and improvise” don’t works …why?

Yes, you guessed:

always the EXTRA-VOLATIL INGREDIENT (as a LEPRA) still rotting my insides …the corruption , not only outside indeep inside they own each one human been, blod , toughs and lives of they ancestor adquiere throughout several and several years ago… because the corruption does not born in this epoque and does not raise in one day, all them means a hard process of every days therapy( the only human way the humanity have the capacity to do or less to do any or destroy or blocked what ever entourage as a social common entourage), the corruption the mediatique tv chains and all them involved inside the process , named anchorage, media news, tv-shows manipulations etc.

But the corruption my dear “lecteur” even coming from the deeply hard of each one from childhood epoque until must top-level doctor grade level, since from the basic-school education time of each one, when just depass the 90% of your time looking to do hardly the most time off named fest-bridges, sindicat rules as sheeps, every time inside every private business offices every day work stolen not matter material or intangible things inclusive the most valuable gold: the time of the others when you don’t give the normal expectation from your activity and you only move your energy if another like supervisor coming or checking you…producing extra cost, extra effort and of course minimal quality, the poor quality of every one around expected about “pensamiento de tercer mundo…”) ,others cheeting just to justify they mediocrity just for the permanence of a job position, and every time making strikers not mather if that affect the others, because the legacy from those “dark kingdom” was “sino tranzas no avanzas…”. and worse, even from some one who block the post-education programs just fulling lot of dummy rules when the only one who can profit them are they own “compadres”, again, the cancer of corrupcion.

Corruption not only in your business or every day process to gain you the life as sales man, entrepreneur or independent job creator: even today those who are in defense of the “other rats form the older system except the fourh-T..” still thinking the only SAFE FUTURE for my “small sons and grand parent generation is gain a “Burr-ocracy” possition not mather what else or who you have to doing on or study to have those jobs where any lake of professional preparations.., just let my try with my deeply “compadre” doing the best to include to you in the bond-work ambiance… as A ZEN sayed one day: doing that kind of “intelligent” facts and they never lost they honorablities…”.

Cut the crap and stop twitting like a bird and face your real consequences of your nasty acts and worse way to just justify your own corruption covering under a “pure and untouchable games of the corruptibility sense. We are not a Population plenty of idiots or retarders as the powers nations thinks they are in the third country or sub-poor economy; they are the only idiots who think we are like this.

Does you imaging what is running of they main of some one like this after been A JOB gaver (not the must bigger but at less gaver) as COMPANY as contribution compliant, working honest and raising your childs and planing you thirth-age future?

What at less the “experts of business ” sayed about when you had feil in critique lose of business : first of all cut ANY everyday extraction of money intermediately… not matter if your business going direct of grave coffer… cutting any JOB post, any TAX FLUID as Business Contributor… destroy any concept of Business Family concept and just going to reclute your professional services direct to walthmart or mac-donals serving and cleaning toilers…and don’t dreams again not more time , that “kind of privilege” it is only available for the DARKEVIL blessed” …

Some one don’t support that and fall ending they own lives, others going with must resources maybe looking establishing new business in other Countries.. for all them with one central filling: never intent (and dare) intent to start an Enterprise in your life…bounshit! that kind of thinkings the others like and fight hardle to make you believe that is the mediocrity tough of the most richest masses over all the world, same code for full Latino peoples gubernants commander from who ? maybe it is not necessary make now what very one toda knows because thanks of the médiatique internet of ours day a big bouch of studies and researched like me we conclude on the same point.

Who’s care on those day about your future? nobody, and today? JUST ONE , fortunately one honest, intelligent and loyal Mexicano : AMLO and 4T-curren.

HOW? easy: sharing MONEY Programs as (intelingent) way permits: WHY? THAT EASY ACT JUST ACTIVATED THE ECONOMY FOR MILLIONS and JOIN THE FAMILIES!!! the Only Engine to Move a Country like us… or any…

just comming from one with superior Inteligency with clean heart, the real and Loyalty “ESTADISTA” WITH REAL spirit to cut that cancer : “mon petit lapain…” AMLO.

Of course those who have lots of criticism or not-acceptation or demerit that great merit who none any Gouvernante dare to apply event with royalty titles of Business profiles, can’t devine that sample move will finish the incertitude and corruption.

Because the corruption it is not onlly “the politics today are that and that…” , not my friend “lecteur”: the corruption means that when some one profit the “small power” of bureaucracy, the public school directors and teachers who dont have the honesty to recognize or accept move the mediocricy programs of “not-actual” knowledge but don’t dismiss because the “sindicato” cover they ineptitude or on the risk to loss they secure(juicy pension) , the public hospital even, employees all them since the minuscule position and catch the beneficie dont works as have spected with honest and professional acts, or really have to do what it is they real post-job and not just surfing on the public places and waiting the end of month for a salary.

All of them claiming and blame that: only AMLO as “the worse …” but even they still receiving today they monthly public economic benefits and anual increase, just because they was “smarts on the pass” and since youth age are receiving double or triple benefits (to consequence of corruption) ” miiiii pension porque yo me lo gané” (yeahhh, been the worse corrupted no matter how, as youth face your relatives and stop be a compliance) ,

That means my friend the real corruption, still alive today and not matter who is coming next as governance, or how many time you change the national color, those all on this square have to named with the real name: CORRUPTS and have to cute that one day.

Or you will still suffering your next professional live lake of opportunities the same as some one who dare to try to be Entrepreneur using the financial found of they parents, aunts of “heredity from the granny who loves to much to me” it is the MUST RISK ENTREPRENEUR you never have dare to cross.

Don’t get confuse about

The continuity of the 4T means : cut clean and eradicate the evil era my youther new generation, and open the fresh FUTURE opportunities of honest New Professionals Jobs Opportunities, Fairs and Equities and stop Closing yourselft that Opendoor Oportnities for you and your new generations; only the ignorance and mediocrity profiles still in oposition of the real development of own my lovely Mexico Country, those Youth New Generation, think about more as a FirstClass People and stop follow the “poison” injected from the foreign cultures hunderd yers ago and then for the anti-Mexicanos gangs who just looking they own enrichement and stop the wordwite University School taught “Mexicans are just a bunch Poors and illiterateThirt Class”, don’t dare the way of RETURN the DARKEVIL ERA again,think more about YOUR FUTURE! never accept those kind of mediocrity of way to live. Think about that and make your best move my dear lecteur.

The Old King will die, let get wellcomme to the New QUEEN.

by the way, my new Mojomexico Brand today means my twelve years hard works but successful last Entreprise, as Number One of E-commerce in Spanish Software Manufacture, every day trespassing new Frontiers, inside my customer record they are Asian (India), Spain, Italian, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala at less consumming my Mojomexico Software Products and I still been the point of Iceberg about E-commerce ERP Solutions. And I m personal always open to join new Generations Mains at my Live Project Company: Mojomexico.

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"user" => USERKEY,

"paswd" => PASSKEY


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}public function init() {
$this->clave = json_decode($this->catalogo->sku["SKU-A", TRUE];
$this->nombre = json_decode($this->catalogo->nombre["NOMBRE", TRUE];
$this->precio = json_decode($this->catalogo->precio["PRECIO", TRUE];
$this->stock = json_decode($this->catalogo->stock["STOCK", TRUE];
} //end parent class AEn el espacio disponible, crea EL OBJETO HIJO (puede ser llamado CLASS B) del MISMO PADRE de tal forma que puedas LLAMAR Y REUTILIZAR los valores existentes y actuales en una FUTURA FUNCION llamala "Funcion verValores(variables)" o algo similar, de la base de datos que son:

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